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"JOSEPH CASELLA" OF "CASTLE REALTY" AND "www.queensrealtymarket.com" is nothing but a big "*** artist" in the real estate business.

"Joseph Casella" took my money and refused to give it back. "Joseph Casella" why do you try to rip people off? "Joseph Casella" stop preying on people that are desperate to get a house.

I had to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to get my money back from "Joseph Casella" of "Castle Realty" and "www.queensrealtymarket.com".

This says it all and I am very upset!!!!!! Stay away from "Joseph Casella" and his companies "Castle Realty" and "www.queensrealtymarket.com".

Save your money people!!!!!!

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This piece of garbage stole 31,000$ of my money! He spent it on a honda and then sold the honda to his girlfriend for more than he paid.

I want everybody to know right off the bat that this man is ***. I want my cash back!

to Benjamin Narder New York, New York, United States #699281

Joe Casella never owned a Honda and he doesn't have a girlfriend


Unless you hear both sides of the story, you haven ' t heard the story. The fellow that wrote this sounds like a raging lunatic and I will bet any amount.

of money he forgot to take his medicine or escaped from a mental institution.

Anyway, without specific facts, any a-hole can accuse anyone of anything. You guys should be more careful about what you allow people to do here, or your business may suffer financially.

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